Association of Global Management Studies (AGMS)


AGMS provides services for hosting conferences and consulting expertise to small, medium and large scale businessesuniversities and other patent owners to determine the value of their patents and other intellectual property and assists in the development and implementation of a strategy to optimize and monetize those assets.

Generally, clients are Executives, Managers, Practice Specialists, Engineers and Specialists with Interest in Intellectual Property and Management from:

Governments, Ministries: Commerce, Education, Foreign Affairs, Technology, and Trade Policy, Research organizations, Specialists from research and development, institutes, Corporations, Information and Knowledge Centers and the Academia.

World IP Management works with businesses, universities and other organizations that need an independent analysis of their patent portfolios and assistance in the development and execution of an intellectual assets strategy and IP lifecycle system.

Which patent(s) should be sold?

What IPs should be licensed?

Which may have no value, and so should be abandoned?

Finally, what patents or other IP should be acquired that will strengthen your overall IP portfolio? The answers to these questions will shape your organization’s IP strategy.