Our IP Expertise

IP Education and Training Services

  • Certificate in IP Management
  • Certificate in IP Technology Transfer
  • Certificate in Patent Development for Engineering Professionals
  • Certificate in Patent Development for IT and Software Professionals
  • Certificate in Patent Development for Bioscience Professionals
  • Certificate in Patent Development for Biomedical Professionals
  • Certificate in Patent Development for Agriculture Scientists

IP Consulting Services

  • IP Strategy Recommendations and Implementation Plans
  • Assessment of IP Assets and Valuation
  • Patent Evaluation and Valuation
  • Prioritize IP Assets
  • Develop Action Plan for Transactions
  • IP Transaction Services and Support
  • Patent and Technology Licensing
  • Arbitration, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

IP Strategy 

  • Assessment of IP Licensing
    • Strategies, Organization and Resources, and
    • Any Litigation Issues
    • Provide IP Strategy for the Entire Lifecycle of IP
  • Recommend/Develop IP Action Plans
    • Implement an IP Management System
    • Patent Invention Strategy
    • Transaction Monetization Plan
    • Patent Acquisition Plan for Defensive and Offensive Purposes
    • Patent Sales Plan
    • Patent and Technology Licensing Strategy